Southern Select Crawfish is concession trailer serving Louisiana sourced crawfish with an original Cajun flare  in Fort Bend County.

Meet the owner - Jacob!

Former oilfield worker turned Cajun culture promoter, Jacob comes to you from the small town of Delcambre, Louisiana! As long as he can remember, Jacob has always wanted to be a business owner. In 2018, that dream became a reality!

Southern Select Crawfish was opened in January of 2018 in Richmond, Texas as a concession trailer that serves pick-up/to-go style boiled crawfish. While SSC only offers Cajun flavored boiled crawfish, a menu expansion is anticipated for the upcoming 2019 crawfish season!

When Jacob is not boiling crawfish, he enjoys spending time outdoors. During the summer months, time is spent fishing & boat riding in the Vermilion Bay. In the Fall & Winter months, he heads north to Gloster, Mississippi to chase whitetail deer!

While Jacob is not a chef, he does hope to spread his Cajun heritage through the dishes of Southern Select Crawfish!



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